AMYDAK pump is a high-tech company specializing in Research and Development (R&D)  service firms make significant contributions to innovation in AODD pump and spares.
Since 2008, our factory’s products ( Mainly are ARO style Pro series and QBK style pumps )have been widely sold by export company and accepted in North America, South America, Europe and Asia ect.
In 2016, our company launched all the product line of the Sandpiper style SD series pump and parts. Now our factory began to develop our own brands AMYDAK® and keep providing customers original quality level products but at more competitive prices.
Air operated diaphragm pump, including metallic and non-metallic pump series, widely applied in chemical, paints & coatings, food processing, pharmaceutical, construction, mining, utilities, pulp & paper, metal finishing.
“AMYDAK® ” supplies high quality Replacement Parts that fit AMYDAK®, Aro®, Blagdon®, Depa®, Flux®, Graco®, Sandpiper®, Wilden® and Yamada® Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps.


Original Quality, Highest Service, Better Price.

  • High quality products at competitive price ,almost all the metallic parts are made by ourselves.

  • For Sandpiper and ARO style pump and parts,we have abundant off-the-shelf goods, average lead time is 2-5 working days ,even 1 day at urgent condition.

  • Our Sandpiper style pumps  are compatible with  the latest original Sandpiper pump designs.

  • Professional service in export and technical consultation.

  • The strictest quality control for export commodities.

  • We are experienced in logistic cost control ,we have cooperated for more than 5 years reliable international shipping forwarder company.